We at Cubiq are good at creating analytic applications that automate and routinize complex data tasks to help our customers daily life.

However, we will not become algorithms ourselves and routinize our work. We want to challenge ourselves and get better at solving complex problems every day. We love to have full responsibility of our own work and we are passionate about solving customer’s challenges faster and more creatively than was expected.


Qlik + Web Dev = Winning Combo

Qlik is our sweet spot. We have decades of experience in utilizing Qlik technologies in analytical challenges. But in today´s world that alone is not enough. We have a great gang of full stack web developers that accompany our Qlik gurus in modern customer environments.

With this winning combo we can utilize the power of Qlik platform and open APIs and build modern, world-class web applications to match any customer need and business use case.


Looking for inspiration?

One is never ready in business analytics and there is always plenty of room for development. That´s why we want to have diverse people with diverse skillsets in our team who can inspire and teach new things to each other. We work in customer teams that have full control of their work and members of the team help others out in challenging situations.

Our goal is to have limited number of customers and build a meaningful long-time relationship with each customer that generates value to both the customer and us.


A typical customer team could consist of following members:


Customer Manager

Business oriented consultant who has the general responsibility of customer work. As customer manager your main task is to keep both the customer and our team smiling. You understand what is happening right now and even more importantly you know what is going to happen in near future. You keep the projects on track and ensure that all the analytic solutions we build end up being utilized actively and deliver new business insight to the customer people.


Lead Architect

Lead architect owns the technical solution and leads the daily development work. As lead architect your main task is to make sure we leverage Cubiq best practices in the customer environment and all our deliveries meet our high quality requirements. You work really closely with customer team and translate business requirements into technical speak.


Qlik Consultants

Qlik consultant designs, develops and manages customer applications and solutions using Qlik technologies. As Qlik consultant you have passion for working with data – you gather a deep understanding of business needs and transform them into valuable Qlik solutions. Qlik consultants work independently under limited supervision but still in close co-operation with other Cubiq and customer team members.


Web Developer

Web developer builds beautiful, easy to use, maintainable and high-performing web applications and solutions. As web developer you work closely with Qlik consultants building innovative next-generation business solutions by leveraging the combination of Qlik technologies and latest web development technologies.



We are hiring!

We are constantly looking for new team members. If you would like to become a member in some of our customer teams, please contact us and describe freely what role would make you shine at Cubiq.

Join Cubiq, get inspired and inspire us back!


If you are interested, please contact
Mikko Pekkala
+35850 595 9122